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Belliingham, MA 02019
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Established in 1967
Before starting the music retail business, I played professionally with
many groups and well known artists. I was producer and manager
For The Late Maurice Evans in 1963 for United Artist Records.
Repairs, Piano Tuning, School Rentals
Sales and Repairs on Amps, Guitars,Drums,
Violins,Band Instruments.
Need Sheet Music and Method Books For Learning?
Check us Out! If We Don’t Have It, We'll Try our Best To Get It!
Musical Instruments and Accessories
Call or e mail us for are low prices on Drum Sets, Guitars,
Bass Guitars, Violins,  Keyboards, Band Instruments, Amps, Sound Equipment,
Kareoke, Stage Lighting and More. Need Accessories? If We Don't Have It
We'll Try Our Best To Get It!
Service and Warranties
All Guitars Sold Carries a One Year In Store Warranty, Plus Free Set Up
and Scope. We Offer Low Prices On Tuning Drum Sets and Snare Drum Kits.
 Need Private Lessons
Take Lessons From are Qualified Teachers For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Mandolin,Cello,
Drums, Vocal, Classical Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele,Violin, Harmonica,Sax, Clar, Flute,
Contra Bass. Learn Rock,Jazz, or Classical. Music Theory Also Available.

Store Hours
Tuesday Through Thursday 4 TO 8:00 PM
 Friday                                        4 TO 6:00 PM
Saturday                               10 AM TO 1:00 PM